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Women's Self-Defense: Live Training

Louisa and Amber answer the question that is on the mind of many women in today’s world….” Am I safer carrying a gun”? The answer may surprise you…..According to both Amber and Louisa, as well as many other self defense experts, the answer is NO. In fact you are probably in more danger with the gun than without it, unless you are properly trained.

This is the reason why the founders of Modern Woman Warrior LLC have announced the formation of The Modern Woman Warrior Academy, as a women’s only self-defense training school. The Academy offers 3 levels of training: 1: Warrior Basics 2: Warrior Intermediate 3: Warrior Advanced This training is very different from most self defense programs. Most self-defense trainers focus exclusively on the use of handguns for self-defense. Modern Woman Warrior Academy understands that although the pistol is a very powerful self defense tool, it is ONLY the tool of last resort. We understand that the only way to be certain to win a gun fight, is to avoid the gunfight. We also understand that without other tools in your tool kit, you will probably never get the gun into the fight and it may well get taken away and used on you. This is the reason that we teach a multi-layered defense in all three (3) of our class levels (Basics, Intermediate, Advanced).

We train all of our students in 3 different disciplines in each of our 3 class levels. 1: We teach our students to harness their most powerful defensive tool, their mind. The mind will allow you to make choices and take actions that will help you avoid being attacked. Hopefully by harnessing this skill set, potential attackers will walk right by you because they will realize there are easier softer targets out there. But if they do attack, you will have the situational awareness developed to see the threat coming, and prepare your defense. 2: If the attack does happen and you see it coming, we teach you unarmed self defense skills that will allow you to either strike your attacker hard enough that the break off the attack and find a softer target, or at least slow them down enough, to buy you sufficient time to bring your last resort tool effectively into the fight. 3: Once you are forced to pull the pistol, we give you the skills to deploy the pistol quickly and accurately enough to prevail and hopefully walk away from that attack unscathed.

Keep in mind there is no guarantee that you will succeed in your attempt to defend yourself when you are properly trained. The only guarantee is that YOU WILL FAIL if you are not trained. Another huge difference between MWW Academy training and other self-defense training is that MWWA ‘s curriculum is structured so that at the end of the days training, at each level (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) you will walk out of class tired but more importantly significantly more capable of defending yourself than you were when you walked into class. Ask yourself what is you and your family's safety worth to you?

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