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PSA Dagger: Field Test | Good 9MM on a Budget

This week, Louisa and Amber tackle a difficult question that is frequently asked by newer women warriors looking to buy a good quality handgun that won’t kill their budget. They typically ask “Isn’t there a 9mm pistol that is good enough for me to use for self-defense, without it killing my budget? I just don’t have 6 or 700 dollars to spend on a handgun." Up until recently, neither one of them had an answer that they felt comfortable with. Then, in 2020, PSA came out with the 9mm Dagger. It seemed that this pistol might fit that niche very neatly. After a few years of the pistol being on the market, the ladies thought it was time to find out for certain if the Dagger was the answer to those difficult questions.

Now that the gun has been out long enough for PSA to work the kinks out of this very interesting package, we wanted to run it through its paces to see if the Dagger is reliable, well made, accurate and shootable for our warrior women as well as the men who are loyal viewers. You won’t want to miss the results! They might just surprise you! @PalmettoStateArmoryVideos

Thank you to @ransominternational1905 for your continued support!

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