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Canik TP9 Elite Combat vs Walther PPQ M2Q4 TAC

After doing a field test on the highly touted Canik TP9 Elite Combat, the ladies felt moved to test the Walther PPQ M2Q4 TAC since clearly, it was Canik’s inspiration when they brought out the Elite Combat. The old reliable PPQ performed so well in its stand-alone field test, they decided to see how it would do in a face-to-face competition with the fine Canik pistol. Wanting to be completely unbiased, they brought in an old friend, a Modern Woman Warrior in her own right, Captain Heather Hamilton, USMC to do the subjective testing. You will not want to miss this video! A huge thank you to @ransominternational1905 for supplying us with the Ransom Master Series Rest and to Precision Firearms of Savannah, Georgia. Your support is much appreciated!


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