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Glock 43x vs Walther PDP F-Series

Best Women's CCW Pistol

The Modern Woman Warriors examine two very popular pistols that are considered to be good women's conceal carry/every day carry pistols. This is a unique side by side "shoot off" between the Glock 43x and the Walther PDP F-Series. Louisa utilizes a Ransom Master Series Rest as a contrast and compare accuracy, felt recoil, as well as putting both pistols to the test by shooting drills at the range. Accuracy and speed will also be judged.

You will learn what elements make for a good CCW for women by doing this side by side comparison. You won't want to miss this! We plan on doing other side by side comparisons in upcoming videos as Amber is just waiting to put her HK VP9 SK that she uses as her EDC/CCW to the test with the Ransom Rest. Thank you Ransom Rest International for your support!

Check out the video below! Make sure to hit Subscribe! We appreciate your support!

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