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What is a modern Woman Warrior?

Learn about your Modern Woman Warrior instructors below.

any woman can be a modern woman warrior!

 A Modern Woman Warrior is YOU! We come from all walks of life. We are moms, professionals, retirees, young, middle aged, silver. We live all over the place. We are single, we are married, we have small children and grown children or no children. We are women who want to take the journey to become competent to defend  ourselves in this ever-changing world. We become situationally aware and we are capable of fighting back if we are attacked. We train our bodies, our minds, and our souls to become a warrior. We choose not to be victims. We choose to fight with everything we have in us and to NEVER GIVE UP! ​If you want to take this journey yourself, then sign up and subscribe. Watch our videos on You Tube and lets take this journey together.

about us

louisa & amber

Two woman warriors from different walks of life who have come together to help guide, train, instruct, and inspire others in personal safety and self defense, both empty handed and concealed carry. They met in Savannah, Georgia over two years ago when Louisa became a facilitator for a local women's shooting organization. When they first met, they were competitors, and through that competition, grew a sense of mutual respect and sisterly love. Although they came from different places, they have joined together in this quest for self defense and to spread the word that all women are capable of becoming self-defense competent.


meet louisa

Louisa is the mother of three wonderful, grown children and has had successful careers in education, real-estate, and firearms and self-defense instruction. She is an NRA Certified Instructor specializing in instructing women. She has trained in all aspects of self-defense with many different instructors. Her training has concentrated on  the following platforms: handgun, M-4 rifle, empty hand, and knife. She is an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, as well as in all of the NRA Self-Defense Platforms.



meet amber

Amber is a US Army war veteran, 19 year Army spouse, mother of two wonderful children, and avid cat and coffee lover. Along with having her B.A. in Criminal Justice, she also holds a Masters Degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design as well as multiple NRA Instructor certifications specializing in instructing women in personal protection and self defense. Amber has an eclectic set of skills learned from her background of law enforcement and crime prevention, psychological operations with the United States Special Operations Command, and her last 12 years as a professional photographer. 

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