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Canik Mete MC9: Field Test

This week, our warrior women are testing the new Canik ---The Canik Mete MC9. @canik really outdid themselves on this amazing sub-compact pistol! The ladies are in love with something other than a Walther or an HK! Unbelievable, we know. HA! They put it on the Ransom Master Series Rest to test its accuracy and then they ran it through some good ole range drills including the Hackathorn 1 to 5 drill by Ken Hackathorn @gowilsoncombat Everyone at Modern Woman Warrior would like to thank @ransominternational1905 and Precision Firearms for their generosity and support.

You won't want to miss this episode, especially if you are in the market for a new concealed carry/edc! Don't forget to hit that subscribe! Thank you!

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Don't forget to hit that subscribe! Thank you for your support! Watch below.

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