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Walther PDP F-Series vs H&K VP9SK: Which is a better CCW for women?

The long-awaited shoot out is here! The ladies put the Walther PDP F-Series and the H&KVP9sk through their paces to determine with is the best premium CCW for women. Their testing protocol includes an accuracy test utilizing the incomparable Ransom International Ransom Master Series Rest. This rest eliminates the human marksmanship and allows the testing of the pistol’s true accuracy. Because Amber is a dedicated H&K shooter, and Louisa is a dedicated Walther shooter, the ladies have brought in an unbiased third-party shooter, Capt. Heather Hamilton, USMC to shoot the protocol drills. These drills allow Heather to judge all the important characteristics of each pistol. Tune in, this video is, as always, both entertaining and informative.


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