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Announcing the launch of Modern Woman Warrior LLC

Modern Woman Warrior is a YouTube channel and YouTube program dedicated to modern woman becoming both competent to defend themselves if violently attacked as well as confident in those abilities. This channel is created for women, by women.

In today’s increasingly violent world, with violent crime statistics going through the roof, women have never been more at risk to becoming victims of violent attack. This channel is all about real world Self Defense for women. This is not a channel to go to watch, half naked young women running around shooting guns. This channel will be dedicated to modern women and real-world Self-defense techniques they can employ to fend off a brutal attack.

Active self-protection can come in many forms of training.

It is hard to know what skills we as women need to master to give us the level of competence to fend off an attack when it comes. Marshal arts, Krav Maga, street fighting, firearms training??? There is something to be said for and about each of these options. Modern Woman Warrior is here to guide you on the quest to achieve competence whether you are after self defense for beginner, or if you are further along the road and you want to know about the best CCW for women. Come on the journey with us. We can guide and help you on your journey, wherever that journey takes you. Learn from our victories as well as our mistakes.

I know you can do this!!!

If you are like I was 6 1/2 years ago, before I started my own personal quest and you are scared to death by the potential for violence in this world, I urge you to join us on this journey to freedom by becoming highly capable of defending yourself in situations from muggings and car jackings to smash and grabs and home invasions.

The ball is in your court Click here to join us!

- Louisa & Amber

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