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Shoot Fast, Shoot Accurate Series:Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship Part 4- Aiming

For many shooters, consistent AND accurate pistol shooting is an impossible enigma. Many people think, “Well, I just don’t have the natural talent.” This four-part series corrects that misunderstanding and breaks accurate pistol shooting into four fundamentals. This episode reviews the first three fundamentals that are covered in the first three parts of the series: Stance, Grip, and Trigger Press. The final fundamental, proper aiming of the pistol, is covered in this installment.

We use the amazing Ransom International Master Series Rest to perform the first three fundamentals flawlessly. By utilizing the Master Series Rest to perform these three tasks, we isolate the final fundamental, aiming the gun. We show the two elements of aiming, sight alignment and picture, as well as the critical importance of front sight focus. This series unravels the mystery of pistol accuracy by proving if you do all of the fundamentals correctly, pistol accuracy WILL be achieved.

Thank you to Ransom International and for providing amazing tools for our content. Your support is appreciated!

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