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Fitting a Pistol: A Woman's Guide

With crime out of control, and many people scared to death, gun sales, particularly sales to women, have increased dramatically. Pistol and handgun sales are leading that charge.

Until very recently, most firearms manufacturers have paid very little attention to the woman’s market; however, in the last two years, women have begun to make up almost 50% of the gun buyers in this country. This left most firearms manufacturers unprepared for this onslaught of female clients. Up until the last few years, very few handguns have been designed to fit the average woman’s hands and arm and hand strength.

If you are a woman considering buying a handgun, it becomes critically important to be able to answer certain questions. If these questions aren’t asked, you could make a $400 to $1000 mistake in the gun you buy or worse yet leave yourself with a gun you are unable to shoot accurately and efficiently.

Some of these questions are: 1. How to pick a handgun? 2. Does the pistol fit me? 3. Can I rack the slide? 4. Can I reach the magazine release? Unless you have asked yourself these and many other questions, you will be unable to answer the most important question, “Is this the right handgun for me?” This brief episode will answer all of those questions and more. Check it out! Don't forget to hit LIKE and Subscribe!

- Amber & Louisa


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