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Comprehensive Guide - To Women's Self-Defense

The Modern Woman Warrior ladies are back at it, trying to show that many people’s belief that they are safer if they carry a gun, is a dangerous myth. Over the last six months, they have put on dozens of shows that prove that it takes a lot more than buying a handgun and strapping it on your hip to make you safer.

They prove that the gun is just one of many tools a concealed carrier must have if they are going to be truly safer in today’s turbulent, and often violent, world. They review programs they have posted on YouTube for the past six months, starting with mindset. The defensive mindset is critically important. Without that mindset, you will not be able to fight back. You will either freeze or merely submit. They cover situational awareness, without which, you will never see the attack coming in time to defend yourself. They go over methods to blunt the attack using skills like the speed shield and some other basic blocking techniques borrowed from Krav Maga, Okinawan Karate, and plain old street fighting to be able to strike back and either get away, end the attack, or get their gun into the fight. They show that without these basic skills, the chances are, the gun will not get into the fight, or it will be taken away and used on you. Techniques like a throat punch, heal of the hand strike, elbow strike, front kick, side kick, knee strike, are all taught. In order to buy yourself time and distance to get away or get the gun out, you need to be able to strike your attacker in whatever vulnerable area they leave open to you.

The ladies put into practice concepts that are adopted by some of the best self-defense books on the market. Examples of these books are: Left of Bang by Jason Riley and Patrick Van Horne, When Violence is the Answer by Tim Larkin, and The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker. They explain the concepts of OODA Loop and normalcy bias in order to teach their Warrior Women how to utilize these concepts to maximize chances of surviving a brutal attack. Since firearms are very powerful defensive tools, the ladies spend a lot of time helping their Warrior Women pick out the correct self-defense gun and self-defense ammunition so they can avoid ammunition with overpenetration. They teach the proper methods to draw the pistol from a holster, to maintain the pistol, as well as to perform tactical gun handling skills in addition to tactical accuracy in shooting.

This show gives a brief recap of each of these critical skills!


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