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Attempted abduction at Lowes: How could she have fought off her attacker.

Amber and Louisa are shifting gears in this week’s video. Although they are both exceptional shooters and spend a lot of time teaching student’s self-defense shooting techniques, they want all their Modern Woman Warriors to know that their pistol is not Excalibur (the sword in the stone) and without some well-developed situational awareness and fundamental empty hand fighting skills, the pistol on the hip may be totally useless. With our empty hand self-defense coordinator, Sal Buzzurro, we examine a real-world attack on a woman at her place of employment. The attacker attempted to abduct her at the Lowes in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. In this part discussion/part demonstration, they discuss what the victim could have done to gain control of the situation and try to escape using basic empty hand defense sills.

Watch below!

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