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.380 Yes or No? FBI Gel Block Testing

The ladies continue the ballistics testing of one of the most popular calibers for women shooters, the 380 Auto. There are many different opinions of the .380 auto as a self-defense round. These opinions frequently rely on legend and myth, but rarely are they backed up by solid evidence collected though testing with some level of scientific method. It is easy to find YouTube videos that shoot pig carcasses, water jugs, plywood, steaks etc. Finding those types of test methods to be less than compelling, the ladies apply the FBI protocol and standards to a civilian self-defense problem to answer the question. They test high quality Creedmoor Self-Defense ammo in .380 auto as well as high quality FMJ ammo by Fiocchi and shoot over a Ransom Multi Caliber Steady Rest to insure accuracy. They will be able to test for projectile velocity, sufficient penetration, or over-penetration. The test will also quantitatively test bullet expansion and a subjective look at the wound cavity each round creates in the FBI standard gel block. Do not make a life and death decision based on myth. Make sure your decision on a self-defense caliber and round is based on facts, not on rumor. @ransominternational1905@clearballistics

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