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Shooting Drills You Can Do At Almost Any Range!

In this week’s episode, Amber and I answer a question that many of our warrior women ask, “How can I practice my more advanced shooting skills when the range will not allow it?” The ladies walk you through some women’s shooting drills that will help you develop speed without sacrificing tactical accuracy. These drills are particularly important in women’s pistol practice because most women can’t use physical strength to fight off a larger, stronger, male attacker. That means developing these skills even more important.

We start with a warmup shoot designed to work on precision shooting. Using Torture Dot Targets, they work on trigger control with correct trigger press and trigger reset to warm up the skills that allow women to aim small miss small. After our warmup, we show drills to sharpen skills like quick sight acquisition, by using a technique called flash sight picture. we show drills that allow practice for shot cadence which helps with synching both sight acquisition and trigger reset. This allows building speed without sacrificing accuracy.

We wrap up the video by showing their warrior women how to break their drills into pieces so that local range rules won’t stop you from working on critical skills. Practicing your draw stroke from the holster at home during dry fire practice, then going to the range and shooting from compressed ready, will give you live fire training that you need to build muscle memory across all of these activities. Finally, Amber and I show YOU, our warrior women some laser dry fire that allows practice without paying for range time or ammunition while allowing you to stay at home. If you follow the drills and advice in this video, you can continue to develop your self-defense pistol skills without regard to range availability or restrictive range rules. One other thing; we added a piece on how to sight in a pistol. We wanted to acknowledge and thank Ransom International for their support in giving us a Ransom Master Series Rest. The Ransom International equipment is the finest in the world and we feel very blessed to have such a good relationship with the fine people at Ransom.

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