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Trigger Press & Trigger Reset

This is the third installment in our Shoot Fast Shoot Accurate series. In this episode, we cover both proper trigger press and the critical importance of trigger reset. Both of these fundamentals Tactical Pistol marksmanship are critically important for both accuracy and speed.

Learning to press the trigger without moving the pistol's sights off of the target is the single most important and misunderstood fundamental in pistol marksmanship. Being able to do that quickly, particularly on follow on and follow up shots, without the loss of tactical accuracy is one of the major hurdles a shooter must clear to go from being an adequate range shooter to becoming a really good competitive or tactical shooter..

The Modern Woman Warrior team does an outstanding job teaching these principles. These techniques are game changers. You do not want to miss this!

Check it out below! Don't forget to hit the Like & Subscribe!

-Amber & Louisa



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