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Affiliate Disclaimer: When you use products or  links on this site that we have chosen to partner with, we will receive a small compensation when/if you purchase through our link. This helps us bring the quality training and content you have come to expect from us. Thank you for your support!


We the people

We The People has holsters that are made in America along with t-shirts, tactical leggings, belts and much more. Check out this website. Use Promo Code: 


for 15% off site wide! 

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Gun Belt

Leather Gun Belt by 1791 Gunleather. Designed at an affordable price point, these belts are designed specifically for carrying your personal firearm. .  


ammo cans 

These durable ammo cans are perfect for carrying and storing your ammo. Priced affordably so you can  have a can for each caliber of ammo you have.


UpLula speed loader

This is the device that both Louisa and Amber use to reload our magazines. It is a great piece of equipment to have in your range bag, especially during a class! 

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Mantis 10X Elite Training system

The Mantis 10 X Elite system can be used to supplement your time with an instructor. It can be used dry fire or live fire. Shows you where you need correction for more accurate shooting. 

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Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic hearing protection is better than muffs for safety reasons. It allows you to hear everything around you wile canceling the gunfire noise.


Palmetto State armory 

We purchase much of our range gear from PSA. They are a company we trust. Please feel to browse around and see what you like. 


snap caps/dummy rounds

Use these snap caps for dry-practice at home with an UNLOADED firearm, or for practicing stall clearing at the range.


Range Bag

This Blackhawk pistol range bag has a removable pistol case plus room for two more pistols. Also has magazine carrier inside and room for all of your gear.

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Sportsmans warehouse

We like and trust Sportsman's Warehouse. They are a great resource for all of your sporting needs. 

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