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Welcome to the Modern Woman Warrior site. If you are interested in women in skimpy swim suits shooting guns, this is the wrong site for you. If you are serious about becoming a competent defender of self and family, welcome to the corps. The Modern Woman Warrior Corps. 

Join the Corps

The Modern Woman Warrior Corps is a group like no other. You can become a competent defender of yourself and family. We offer virtual and in-person training in several areas.  

1. Situational Awareness: to avoid the fight if possible, or if necessary, prevail. 

2. Empty Hand Fighting: to buy time and distance to get away or get your weapon into the fight, if necessary.

3. Edged Weapon training: to ward off the attacker if possible or buy time and distance to get away or get the gun into the fight. 

4. Pistol Training: as a last resort, with skills that can allow you to prevail. 

Join Louisa and Amber every Tuesday on YouTube for the Modern Woman Warrior Show for virtual training in all of these aspects. Check back every other Saturday for fun and informative videos. Come train with Amber and Louisa (women only) in pistol, empty hand, and edged weapon. For more information, fill out the contact us form or email at

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Content Just For You!

A channel dedicated to our women warriors for continued training and education for their self-defense journey. Videos every Tuesday discussing ALL aspects of personal protection, self-defense, and firearms. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!

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Pistol Training, Empty-Hand Defense, & First Aid

Guns require discipline and knowledge to handle, and in our women pistol training sessions, we will teach you the correct  and SAFE way to operate a gun. MWW also offers Empty Hand self-defense, Stop the Bleed/First Aid and Edged Weapons Training. Click to learn more about each!

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The Corps

The Modern Woman Warrior Corps is a group of like minded women that have made the decision to do whatever it takes to become a competent defender. No matter your background, age, or circumstance, if you are determined and ready to learn and train, you CAN become competent and confident in your abilities! Join the corps!


Anyone woman can be
a Modern Woman Warrior!

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